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Worship 9 am
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Scripture: 1 Samuel 10: 1-10 and Matthew 6: 9-13.

For John Wesley, prayer was the primary means of strengthening our relationship with God and one another. It was the means by which we reconnect back to God and understand God more fully. So if prayer is so crucial to our walk with the Lord, how are we engaging in various acts of prayer? Not simply as something we do once a day or once a week in church, but as a constant part of our spiritual journey? Join Pastor Ross as we explore what it means to engage in prayer and do so in ways that are not forced, but to allow for prayer to happen more naturally. How do we move away from “prayer” being an activity, and instead a continual flow of conversation between us and God? 

EUMC Sunday Service 5/14/23 – YouTube



Rev. Ross Baker

Rev. Ross Baker began serving at EUMC beginning July 1, 2018

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