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Sermon Series: "Jesus And The Kingdom of God."

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Sunday, February 19, 2023: “UWF Sunday. Doing a New Thing”

We as a congregation move from focusing on a “Fresh Start” and continue on with “Doing a New Thing.” Trying out something for the first time, or “doing a new thing,” can be a challenge at times and yet numerous times within the Biblical Narrative we are reminded of the importance of doing that very thing. You are invited to “lift every voice and sing…” as you consider where God might be calling you to “do a new thing” in the Season of Lent. Not only will the congregation be joining in a few extra songs with a Hymn Sing, they will also be blessed with a special guest speaker, Cheryl Sylvester, who will bring a special message in honor or United Women in Faith

Wednesday , February 22, 2023: Joint Ash Wednesday Service at  Edgerton UMC, 300 E. 4th St.@ 7 p.m.

Come prepare your hearts and minds for the Season of Lent through a time of song, scripture, liturgy and the imposition of the ashes. All are welcome to participate in this joint effort between Eudora and Edgerton UMC faith communities! (Live-streaming will be available through the Edgerton UMC Facebook Page:

Sunday , February 26, 2023: “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. What is the Kingdom of God? ”                                                                                         

Scripture: Matthew 5:6.  As we begin this Season of Lent we do so exploring what it means to embrace “Kin-dom” living, exploring this first week of Lent “WHAT” the Kingdom of God is in the first place. Using Jesus’ Beatitudes as the basis, we begin an exploration on the “Kin-dom” through a dramatic arts presentation of the Gospel with members of Eudora and Baldwin Faith Communities.

Sunday , March 5 (Lent Week 2) “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. How did Jesus proclaim the Kingdom of God?”

Scripture: Mark 1:15 and Matthew 5:4.  In this second week of Lent we continue our focus on “Kin-dom Living” looking to how we mightunderstand the Kingdom of God to be here and now! We do so with guest preacher, Rev. Rena Yocom who will bring a message around how we embrace the Kingdom even in the midst of difficult times. How might Christ’s message of comfort in the face of mourning offer hope to us this day?

Sunday , March 12 (Lent Week 3) “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Where is the Kingdom of God?”

Scripture: Luke 17: 20-21 and Matthew 5:5 . In this third week of Lent we continue our focus on “Kin-dom Living” considering how the Kingdom of God may be here and now…as well as not yet! What does that mean for us as Christians? In particular during this Season of Lent, where we are invited to reconnect to God, possibly in a new way. You are invited to join guest preacher Nicole Eaton for a time of music, liturgy and a message. EUMC Sunday Service 3/12/23 – YouTube

Sunday , March 19 (Lent Week 4) “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. How is the Kingdom of God coming?”

Scripture: Mark 8:27-33 & Matthew 5:8.  In this fourth week of Lent we continue our focus on “Kin-dom” living considering How God’s Kingdom might come once again? You are invited to join guest preacher, Barbara Kruger, as she focuses on the “pure in heart” and how that might be the key to witnessing the Kin-dom of God around us.

Sunday , March 26 (Lent Week 5) “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. When is the Kingdom of God coming?”

Scripture: Matthew 24:42-44 & Matthew 5:7 .  On the fifth Sunday of Lent we continue our focus on “Kin-dom Living” through the shared gifts and artistry of others. How have you experienced “Mercy” within your life, or the life of those around you? That is what several will be sharing through various artwork and testimony, as we explore the question of “WHEN” with the Kingdom of God.   EUMC Sunday Service 3/26/23 – YouTube

Sunday , April 2 (Lent Week 6) “Jesus and the Kingdom of God. How Does the Message of Jesus Lead to His Crucifixion?”

Scripture: Mark 11:1-7, 15-17.   Throughout the Season of Lent we have been exploring various interpretations on how the “Kin-dom” of God might already be living out as well as those ways the “Kin-dom” may not be here just yet. Join Pastor Ross as we draw ever closer to the Cross on this Palm/Passion
Sunday. We will do so exploring how these final days of Christ, but ultimately his radical message, speaking of the “Kin-dom”, lead to his crucifixion. You are invited to join us through scripture, song, liturgy, the waving of Palm Branches, and the sharing of Holy Communion.






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