October Sermon Series

During the month of October you are invited to consider how you might be “Fallin’ for Jesus?” What does it mean for us to reclaim our lives with Jesus as we consider how our spot at the Table, how Christ’s call for us to live fully into discipleship, how our call to social action and justice, and how our choice on where to focus our time and resources may speak to how we are “Fallin’ for Jesus.” In this Season of Change, this Season of Fall, how are you Fallin’ for Jesus?
October 7 (World Communion Sunday): “Motley Crew of Misfits, Liars and Thieves...Come to the Table!” Luke 17:5-10- There is but one table to which we are ALL invited, the Lord’s Table. What does it mean to acknowledge our brokenness? What does it mean to see ALL for who they are? How is it that Christ Jesus is able to overcome it all? Come to the Table!
October 14: “Almost there...but not YET...” Mark 10:17-31- Many of us at one point or another have considered what it means to live fully into discipleship, but how many of us have actually taken that final step to live fully into discipleship? ALL that Jesus requires. Within the Gospel of Mark this very question is addressed by a man who seeks the answer to how “he might receive eternal life.” As the disciples wrestle with what it means to enter the Kingdom of God, and how they too might completely follow the Lord. And how we all might acknowledge that while we say we follow Jesus, have we truly given up ALL to follow HIM? Almost there...but not YET...
October 21: United Methodist Women Sunday- The UMW began with only eight women in 1869 and now over 800,000 women faithfully serve within United Methodist Women around our world. Come hear, see, and learn the rich history of United Methodist Women as we celebrate with UMW Sunday. As was once reported at the Annual Organizational Meeting for UMW in New York City in 2013, “Our work is not just about service, it’s about worship, it’s about standing up, and stepping up to make our voices heard. We try to help governments see the world the way we see the world because it will positively impact the lives of women, children and youth everywhere.” One of our own, Barbara Kruger, will offer the message this Sunday as we celebrate the extraordinary mission and ministry of United Methodist Women everywhere!
October 28 (Kick-off to “Treasure”): Week 1 of Stewardship Series- “Treasure: Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” by Jacob Armstrong
Week 1: “Where Is Your Treasure?”- Matthew 6:19-20
“Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your values, your faith, and the health of your relationships. It’s no wonder that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented a radical message about our ‘treasure’ and our hearts. Jesus reminds us that our hearts follow our treasure.” As you consider your current life, where are you investing your time, energy, and money? As we begin this four week series we invite you to consider if there may be any disconnect related to where you are currently investing and where God may be calling you to re-invest in this life?

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