As God called Moses to lead the people from slavery into a new promised land, so too is God calling us. A new life of freedom awaits those, both in our church and our community, who live with worry, doubt, and fear. Join us in this nine-Sunday journey that will carry us from discerning God's call, to taking those first steps into hope and assurance for our future. 

October 22: Threshold of Passing Over Into Promise Land - Seeing the End, Not forgetting where came from (Joshua 1:1-8; Matthew 28:16-20)


Tuesday October 24: Special EUMC Church Charge Conference (details to come)



Eudora United Methodist Church is a growing congregation with a wonderful mix of newer attending younger singles/families and older adults that have been part of the church's rich history.   We're a mission and service-oriented church that is constantly striving to grow in understanding God's love for us and in our response of sharing that love with others.  We experience and share the presence of God's spirit in an intentionally blended music worship on Sunday mornings and in a variety of Spiritual Formation opportunities for all ages.  Various Fellowship Groups also bring the congregation together for fun activities that meet through the year.

Looking for a new church home in which to grow and share? Come visit and discover your place here!