Pentecost Series

Sunday June 9th: Week 1: "Holy Unlikely Beginnings"

Acts 2:1-13 (Pentecost Sunday)

Wear your red as we celebrate the entrance of the Holy Spirit with Pentecost! This is the place where the Church begins its ministry in mess and with questions. Then as now. This is also the moment when we welcome the surprising in-breaking of the Holy Spirit: God's presence for specific, particular people. Together--with all our differences. We embrace the mess and chaos of it all! 

Sunday June 16th (Father's Day): Week 2: "Holy Unlikely Community"

Acts 2:42-47

It is within Acts 2 that we discover how the Church practiced this "becoming of an uncommon community." It is where we "return to the basics": learning, fellowship, shared meals and prayer. It is where we embrace our togetherness and what we hold in common. It is here that we experience the church with gladness and in simplicity.

Sunday June 23rd: Week 3: "Holy Unlikely Continuation"

Acts 3:1-10

Within Acts 3 we hear how the Church continued on its work of Jesus. It is where we learn how we are equipped and enough for this thing we call "ministry." And it is where we celebrate together as witnesses to God's saving love. 

Sunday June 30th: Week 4: "Holy Unlikely Expansion"

Acts 11:1-18

What might Acts 11 teach us as we in the Church seek to extend our work beyond the comfort zones of life into the fullness of God's love? How might we celebrate in a God whose work is always way bigger than our plans and imaginations? We celebrate together across all barriers of life and give thanks! 




Eudora United Methodist Church is a growing congregation with a wonderful mix of newer attending younger singles/families and older adults that have been part of the church's rich history.   We're a mission and service-oriented church that is constantly striving to grow in understanding God's love for us and in our response of sharing that love with others.  We experience and share the presence of God's spirit in an intentionally blended music worship on Sunday mornings and in a variety of Spiritual Formation opportunities for all ages.  Various Fellowship Groups also bring the congregation together for fun activities that meet through the year.

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