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"Who Are You, Lord?" Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture: John 21:1-19 & Acts 9:1-6.

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How do we hear the voice of God and how do we respond? This dramatic story of conversion seems to set a standard that not many are able to meet. Yet, we believe that that voice of God comes to each of us and to all of us. Sometimes we hear that voice through the voice of others, but the call can be communal at times as well. 

Last week we stood with Peter, and this week we stand next to Paul as we roots out what it means to be a follower of Christ. This morning we turn to the conversion of Saul to Paul as he gives up his former life of oppression to take on this new walk with Jesus. Despite what we think, being a witness doesn’t always mean speaking, but instead invites us to listen. We are called to be present and attentive, to hear one another’s stories, and then to care for that story as if it were our own. What voices do we need to hear? What voices have been silenced, and do we know the Lord we seek to follow? 


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