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"We Are Witnesses: Opened The Heart." Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture: Acts 5:27-32 & John 20:19-31.

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As we turn from the resurrection story, that first Easter morning, we turn to the book of Acts. This week we continue the story as we consider how we will live as the “church” in the new reality that Easter brings. And we do so making the commitment to be witnesses to the kin-dom. We begin our Easter season acknowledging how unsettling Easter is, but not only in the time following Christ’s resurrection, but here…today as well. Easter is unsettling so how might we be witnesses to the Easter event. Witnesses in every sense of the word. Peter declares in his defense, “We are witnesses…” but what is his defense? He claims he saw something, but how is he now living that out? “We are witnesses” does not simply remain with telling the story but it intended to be that transformational act that empowers us to go out and do something…so what might that something be? What would you say if asked about your faith, how would you say it, and will you like Peter begin with the declaration… “We are witnesses…” 

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