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The Grace of Les Miserables: "The Great Human Invention" Revs. Ross and Amanda Baker (Link)

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An audio version is also available below.

Eudora and Centenary UMC pastor Rev. Ross Baker and Rev. Amanda Baker of Baldwin City UMC join together for this week's message. Announcements and prayer requests are included.

Scripture: Matthew 25: 44-45

A major theme of Les Misérables is poverty and the injustices that lead to it. As Christians, we have a calling to serve the poor, seek the lost, bind up wounds, release captives, offer healing, announce forgiveness, visit the prisoner, feed the hunger and provide a drink for the thirsty, proclaiming and demonstrating "the kingdom" Jesus preached and inaugurated. Throughout the story of Fantine, Victor Hugo sheds a bright spotlight on the sufferings of the poor, Fantine's story raises questions about what is right and wrong, and how we respond. What is our role in combating poverty?

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