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"Follow Me: She Began To Serve." Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture:Mark  1:29-39

Here is the link to this week's service and message.


"Follow Me" is the call we respond to every time we say yes to Jesus. This week we once again make our commitment to serve. Not only because we have been healed in so many ways but also because we have been claimed and loved and accepted in ways that still surprise us. While Peter's mother-in-law does not have any lines in our gospel drama, her witness is strong. As soon as she got to her feet her fist action was to serve. Let us celebrate service today, but not as only as a call to do more, work more or fill our schedules with more work to do. May our celebrations instead focus upon our thanks for both the small and large acts of service that others do. Who has served us recently and how might we offer thanks?

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