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"Follow Me: But Only Jesus." Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture: Mark 9:2-9

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Transfiguration Sunday may not feel like a common observance for many within the UMC, but as a close to the "Follow Me" series, we do that very thing as we consider this event in the life of Jesus and his disciples. While it is not the task of leadership to explain the transfiguration, we as a congregation are called to stand in open-mouthed wonder at the fullness of the Christ we worship. In this in-between moment, before we launch into Lent, we catch our breath by standing on the mountaintop with Peter and John and James. And we watch Jesus do something unexplainable. Now is the time to follow Christ down the mountain and to remember that the commandment to not tell was given to them, but not to us. We are called to tell anyone and everyone. We are called to live our telling, and walk our proclamation. How will we do this very thing as we prepare to enter into the Season of Lent?

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