Lent Sermon Series

“Restoration: Finding Redemption in Our Mess”

(Portions of this Series have been crafted around the book, by the same title, by Tom Berlin)


March 3rd- "No More Fear"
How is it that we move past the fear, the hurt, the loss that many might be experiencing following deliberations at the Special General Conference? How is it that we hold on to the hope still offered by Jesus Christ to all? As we look back to Paul's word to the Corinthian church we will also explore what it was like for those few disciples who journeyed back off the mountaintop to minister to the sick, the lost, the hurting. How might we as the Body of Christ live more fully into our call to "No More Fear." 

Week 1: March 10th: Chapter 1: “This is a Real Mess” Luke 18:9-14

Things are not right. For all of us. And Jesus uses this parable to explain what is necessary to make things right again. As we begin this Season of Lent come and explore what it might look like for us to realign and restore our relationship with the Lord.

Week 2: March 17th: Chapter 2: “Who Left This Mess?” Luke 19:1-10

Our idolatry has made a mess around us and in us. But like Jesus seeking out Zaccheus, God keeps seeking us out. Even before we’re ready. A gracious relationship awaits us.

Week 3: March 24th: Chapter 3: “Bless This Mess” John 5:1-15

Sometimes we’d prefer God to simply bless our mess. It would be easier than actually changing. But justifying grace doesn’t settle for cheap results. It seeks transformation. First, we need to see our lives for what they are. Like the man at the pool, we are asked to participate in our own healing.

Week 4: March 31st: Chapter 4: “No Messing Around” John 3:1-21

Nicodemus struggles. Grace is not a divine tidiness project. It insists on nothing less than new life. And while birth can be uncomfortable, at-one-ment with God is the heart of our restoration project.

Week 5: April 7th: Chapter 5: “Address This Mess” Luke 10:38-42

God is present with us. Actively restoring. Inviting us even closer. Like these sisters, we can learn to sit at the feet of Jesus. And find ourselves perfected in divine love.

Week 6: April 14th: “Palm to Passion Sunday” Selections from the Gospel of Luke

Come experience the journey of Jesus, the Passion Story, from Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his journey to the cross.


“The Final Word” 2 week Worship Series Celebrating the Resurrection

Week 1: April 21st: Easter Day: “God’s Final Word” John 20:1-18

An outrageous rescue plan reveals the depths of divine love. God’s final word doesn’t simply tidy up the forces of despair, pain and death. It overturns them. Completely. And the only reasonable response is wiping away tears and announcing our own set of final words.

Week 2: April 28th: Holy Humor Sunday: “Laughter as the Final Word”

This is a special worship event that honors humor and joy as sacred gifts. We follow the Easter awe with a big belly laugh. In place of a sermon you are invited to come and share “church appropriate” jokes, resurrection stories and smile-worthy scripture. Come and join in the fun as we celebrate a Risen Savior!

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