January Sermon Series

January 2019 Worship at Eudora UMC


Jan 6th 2019: Epiphany Sunday      (Matthew 2:1-12)

Aha! Eureka! Come experience your Epiphany moment as we journey with the Magi and welcome in the New Year. So...were there actually 3 Wisemen? Were they really following a star? How long was it before they made it to see baby Jesus? These and several other questions will be explored as we learn what it means to not only follow “the Star,” but also as we discover what it means to “be the light.”


Jan 13th 2019: Baptism of the Lord Sunday            (Luke 3:15-17, 21-22)

You are invited to come and wade in the water as we “remember our own Baptism.” We will share in the story of Jesus Christ’s Baptism as we renew our own covenant with the Lord.


Jan 20th: Sermon Series: “Unafraid: Living with Courage and Fear in Uncertain Times”- Week 1: “Understanding and Countering Fear”      (Numbers 13:32-33 & Philippians 4:5b-7)

Fear is real! Each day hundreds if not thousands deal and seek to deal with various fears around the entirety of the world. So the question is...why are we afraid? How do we overcome that fear? And how are we as the church called to respond to fear, whether as an individual or as a group?

            Over the course of the next 5 weeks we are going to be wrestling with some of these very questions. This sermon series based on Rev. Adam Hamilton’s work “Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times,” will hopefully help us understand what fear is, the things causing fear in our lives, and our call as the people of God to step through our own fears knowing God is with us as journey ahead. This journey we are on together will not be easy. Fear is something that has gripped humanity for a very long time, however as we will learn people of God have found ways to overcome fear to achieve great things with God’s guidance. It may be hard to see beyond fear on our own, but with God’s loving support we are capable of stepping through it with faith.

            How will you begin the call of Jesus, and live unafraid?


Jan 27th: Sermon Series Week 2: “Unafraid: Fearing the Other” Psalm 27:1, 14 & Romans 12:18-21

Are you someone who tends to always be on the lookout for danger when in a large group setting? Does it matter what type of group you are in? As I parent I think I have become even more mindful of this. I am constantly scanning the crowd, looking ahead for trouble.

We live in a world of division, whether it be division determined by social status, economic status, ethnicity, gender, etc. the “world” is constantly looking for ways to group and divide each of us. Within scripture we are constantly reminded of our call to live into “oneness” as the Body of Christ. I wonder...how might societies call for us to be divided go up against Christ’s call to seek unity? How might we have fear in the “other?”

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