February Sermon Series

February 3: Week 3: “Unafraid: Friendless and Alone” Psalm 139:5, 7-10 & Luke 9:24-25 This Sunday we continue our series on living Unafraid as Christians by studying the fears of failure, insignificance, disappointing others and being alone. All fears rooted deeply in the feelings of disconnection and of us having to figure life out without any support from outside ourselves. We live in a culture full of messages of “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” A culture that values the person who is a “selfmade” man or woman. Yet even in scripture we are reminded that no one finds success, especially in God’s eyes, all by themselves.

February 10: Week 4: “Unafraid: The Sky is Falling” John 5:5-9 This week for our sermon we are examining the fears that happen when we think the sky is falling in our own lives or when we as a collective people believe the sky is falling. How might the folk tale focused around Henny Penny who declares “the sky is falling...the sky is falling” or such biblical texts from the Gospel of John in the Unnamed Man who has been sick and sitting near the pool of Siloam for many years might speak to us and our common struggle with allowing fear to rain down on us in life? Whether we are facing personal moments where our “sky is falling,” or community ones, how might we as the people of God, find hope and trust that God will see us through the hard times, even moments when we feel the “sky is falling.”

February 17: Week 5: “Unafraid: Anxiety and Growing Old” Matthew 8:23-27 This is our last week of living Unafraid, well I hope it isn’t actually. I hope that all of us have learned that God our tradition, especially Jesus, and the Holy Spirit call to us to live life Unafraid. This isn’t living fearless, but living knowing that we will have fear and it is our role as people of God to create space for God to help us live through our fear. This week in particular we are focusing on fears of illness, growing old, and death. These topics are unique in that we will all experience each of these things in our life. I believe I have heard a quote that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Unfortunately we will not be addressing the fear of taxes in this series at all. As we focus in on scripture and our own lives how might our fear of the unknown be calmed as we consider a Lord who calms the storms of our lives? Yes, even the uncertainty of our earthly journeys , which are simply a part of being human. As we grow older, how is it that Christ offers us hope and promise for “what is to come?”

February 24: Guest Preacher Pastor Ross is serving as Marshal/Page at Special General Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

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