Easter Season

May 19th- 5th Sunday of Easter

Scripture: John 13:31-35

Sermon Title: “Show them in LOVE”

Love is a word often thrown around so casually in our world today. And yet, when it comes to down to the most essential commandments for the Lord, it all comes back to Love. “This is how people will know you are my each other.” How might we as the people of God go deeper to explore what it means to not only talk about Love, but more importantly, to live out that love daily?



May 26th- 6th Sunday of Easter (Memorial Day Weekend)

Scripture: John 14:23-29

Sermon Title: “A Few More Things…”

Prior to Jesus’ crucifixion he was constantly reminding the disciples that he would not only be leaving them soon, but he also reminded them that God would send the Holy Spirit in his place. Within this time of preparation Jesus reminds the disciples of three key things: 1. If you love me, keep my word. 2. I’m outta here, but the Holy Spirit is coming! 3. Don’t worry, be happy! While spoken to the disciples how do these same three things speak to us today? What does it look like for us to follow God’s word? How do we trust and follow the Holy Spirit who is with us? And how do we continue to find joy in life, even when we don’t feel the Lord is with us?




June 2nd- 7th Sunday of Easter (Ascension of the Lord Sunday)

Scripture: Luke 24:44-53

Sermon Title: “Heavenly Power!”

Over the course of the approximately three years of Jesus’ earthly ministry the disciples were witness to a great number of things: Whether it was the miracles, healings, feedings, or the way he taught and interacted with others, it is no wonder they stayed so close by his side. As he was preparing to leave them and ascend back to the heaven’s he did so with blessing and a reminder to be mindful of the “heavenly power” and Holy Spirit that soon would be with them. What is this heavenly power Christ speaks of, and how are we called to carry the Love and Spirit of Christ out with us as we leave the church each and every Sunday?


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