Spencer's Notes

We've been playing some new songs. We've been playing some old songs and making them new. Basically, we've been transitioning at a fast pace and it can be tough to catch up sometimes! To fill you in, I'm Spencer and I'm the new guy helping guide the worship experience for our church. I won't burden you with a long story about my life and why I play music. To make it quick, I grew up surrounded by an astonishing Gospel Choir my Mother led. As a teenager, I was awestruck by live music and began playing guitar. For me, the only musical outlet I could find was playing guitar at church. So, I did that. Then, at 17, I joined a worship band filled with people far more experienced than myself. I caught up and we played together for 6 years. After all that, I began playing under my own name and leading worship on occasion. Now I'm here with all of you and loving it. 

To assist in the transition, I want to begin writing short blogs about certain songs that I feel people will enjoy getting to know. Singing along at church can be fun or not, depending on a lot of variables. It's my job to keep it from being boring and turn it into an experience that allows you to connect in your own way. Hopefully, through this you can find a few songs that you connect with and find your own reasons why.
To start off, I want to show you River by Leon Bridges. We have played it a couple of times now, but you might not be familiar with it. Personally, this song hits me on a few levels. Not only was I lucky enough to share a stage with this artist, but the lyrical content brings up all types of emotion and memories. Bridges is a young man riding a massive wave of success with the most humble attitude. There is a certain power to a song when you know the person who wrote it went from washing dishes to being up for a Grammy. There is even more power when most of the songs are about his spirituality, which is the case here. While the message almost seems hidden behind the majestic melodies, it's a clear reflection on his life and his growing interest in knowing God. Beyond all of that, what draws me in and gives me chills is the honesty. He's not claiming perfection, but only a pursuit to know God more. Take a listen and see if there is anything in there for you.